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Time for a timelapse

This time lapse and aerial cinematography project was conducted in 2017 to celebrate the beauty and splendour of Mount Gambier and surroundings in South Australia. The project took over a year to complete and the majority of the material was collected during the winter of 2017.

Situated in the temperate region of Australia and surrounded by unique geological features, there exist many moving elements in the landscape such as, mist, cloud, water, stars and other man-made structures. In a time-lapse series, one captures hundreds, sometimes even thousands of individual frames of the same scene using a DSLR camera. This series of still images are then compressed in a chronological time sequence to make a motion-film output showcasing the moving elements. In the process one condense time as it is played back at the standard 25 frames per second.

I further made use of aerial drone platforms to capture the landscapes in our region. Taken the size and scale of these geological formations, it is best expressed through the elevated aerial perspective.

91,000 frames later and I am proud to present to you the beauty of our region in a different time and scale perspective.

#timelapse #MountGambier #SouthAustralia #MountSchank #Dronecinematography #Drone #Videography #Penola #Coonawarra

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